Emily and I have wanted to get our two kids a bunk bed for some time now. Recently our son Liam started asking us consistently.

We looked online and even found an awesome bunk bed at Costco. We waited too long to get the bed at Costco and the deal came and went.

Now most people know that I work in Information Technology as a Network Engineer. This means I spend most of my day on a computer at work and even at home studying so I can keep my knowledge and skills current. Most of my hobbies involve some form of tech. Needless to say…I spend a lot of time looking at screens. As such, I have wanted to develop interests and hobbies that are offline.

Something I’ve always been interested in is woodworking. So I got started by trying my hand at making a bunk bed for my kids. I had a lot of help from Emily, so in reality we did it together. I took all the designs that Emily would find on Pinterest and made my own. I wanted it to be capable of disassembly (because we tend to move all the time) and I wanted the top bunk to be removable.

I have no interest in explaining the entire build and “how to” do it yourself. Instead, I’ll share the final product. It has flaws, but works for now!